Melissa and Todd on their purchase of Lowell House – We beat out 80+ Offers!!

We’d been hoping to work with Kinga for years – and suddenly the planets aligned. We found a house we loved and decided to try to buy it. We weren’t alone – 82 others made an offer on it, too. Fortunately, Kinga knew how to create a strong offer. And here we are! New homeowners. She was attentive  and easy to reach, giving us regular updates on where things stood and our next steps. She was great at keeping us focused and calm (even in the best circumstances, buying a home is stressful). Her advice was solid, and by following it, we were able to get the very first house we made an offer on (something practically unheard of in today’s LA market). And on a 14-day close. Anyway, she knows how to get a deal done – with heart. We feel great about working with her. We don’t expect to buy another home for a (long) while, but we’d definitely work with her again when the time comes.

— Melissa and Todd